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3-Gun – New Shooter Information

New shooters are always welcome and we encourage you to come join us! Whether you are shooting or you just want to watch, safe shooters are always welcome!If you are a new shooter shooting your first match, you need to arrive at the range no later that 8:30 — and quickly identify yourself as a “New Shooter” so we can run you through our new shooter safety briefing in a timely manner.It’s also important that you realize WHSC is a non-profit organization and its activities depend completely on volunteer effort — there is no paid staff.  All participants are required to help where they can at each shooting event so that it can run smoothly and start & finish on time.  Subject to physical limitations and experience, all shooters are needed to do their fair share of target-taping, helping to set up, and safety-check stages, and restoring the bays to their pre-match condition after the match is over.After some shooting experience and training, shooters are also expected to serve as a Scorekeepers and Safety Officers, and are strongly encouraged to serve as Match Directors.  Your cooperation and participation will be appreciated by all who enjoy the activity. We can’t run safe, enjoyable shooting events without able-bodied helpers.  Shooters who wish only to “show up, shoot, and leave early” should look for another club.We run a “cold” range during matches (guns unloaded, magazine out, and hammer down except while firing), and we enforce a 180-degree rule. The muzzle of your gun must remain pointed down-range into the berm at all times, and cannot cross an imaginary line drawn straight across the range parallel to the backstop.

Short cut to Required EquipmentFor specific equipment rules about each Division Requirements, see the WHSC 3-Gun rules.
Handgun – Most people use a Glock 34 for Tac Ops & Tac Iron next would be a M&P pro in 9mm.  For Heavy division a 1911 is typically used.  And for open anything goes, typical its a 2011 in .40 caliber.Rifle – Almost all people use an AR, typically it has an 18″ barrel with a muzzle brake.  The JP-15 & the LaRue PredatAR seem to be a popular ones.Shot Gun – Typically you will see about a 22″ barrel with an 8 or 9 round tube.  Popular models are the Remington Versa-Max, FN SLP MK1 & the Mossberg 930.Holster for the Handgun – Hip type holster on the strong side of the body.  Inside or outside the waist band holsters are allowed.  Muzzle must point towards the ground & the holster must completely cover the trigger guard.  No small of the back, cross-draw, fanny packs, or shoulder holsters.  Most people use Holsters from Mag Pouches – At least two mag pouches, most people use 3 (one double mag pouch & one single mag pouch.  New shooters may use their pockets until they get a proper mag carrier.  Again most people get them from Comp-Tac or Blade-Tech.Belt – You will need a quality belt to support your holster/gun properly.  Any belt will work as long as it is the width of your holster & mag pouches, but a belt designed to carry a holster will do exactly that, it will carry the weight of the holster minimizing fatigue and keeping your gear where it’s supposed to be.  Most people use a 1.5″ wide Wilderness Instructor belt, I like the 5 stitch model.Pistol Mags – At least 2 high capacity magazines (most people use 3 or more), & yes more is better. We have had pistol stages with 50 scored rounds, although 10 – 25 scored pistol round per stage is normal.Rifle Mags – About 3, 30round pmags will be enough.  And one 20 round for the long range is handy.Ammo –  Read the “Ammunition” rules under the General Information section of our rules here WHSC 3-Gun rules.  Failure to follow these rules will result in a match Disqualification.   Below is a minimum amount to bring.Rifle:        100 rounds
Pistol:       50 rounds
Shotgun:  Bird Shot (no larger than #4), 25 rounds 
Shotgun:  Slugs, 5 roundsEye and ear protection – Are required to come watch and to come shoot with us.  Any god shooting glasses are fine.  Most people use Surefire Sonic Defenders (model EP3) for ear protection.  They allow you to hear other people taking, like the Safety Officer, while blocking out the harmful sound of the gun shots.  Electronic ear muffs are nice too, but the Sonic Defenders cost about $13.
You can check this comprehensive guide to choose a good 3 gun scope from

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3-Gun Pro Tips

See below for 3-Gun Pro Tips. We all need to get better at something.

Looking for some Dummy rounds for your scatter gun? Find them here.

Looking for a fast way to load 1 round when your shotgun runs dry? Take a look at this 2 round shell holder from Mark Otto. For $12 delivered it’s a great value.

Looking for the best rated 3 gun scope on the market today? Brian Belko from IOutdoorPursuit has a great review for everything you need to know on 3 gun scope here.

The Shotgun Weak Hand Reload, Shooting a Texas Star & Reloading while moving Tips.

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West Houston Shooters Club 3-Gun Rules

Based upon International Multi Gun Rules)

Questions or comments please contact our 3-Gun Match Director [email protected]

General Information


The foundation of the our Multi-Gun Match is safe gun handling. Nobody cares how fast you can complete a stage, only that you do so safely. Our position on safety is simple: Violate a safety rule and you are disqualified! You must pack up your gear and you will not be permitted to fire another round during the match. We make no exceptions.

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Welcome to 3-Gun with WHSC

Match Details

We hold a 3-Gun match on the 2nd Saturday of every month.
These matches are open to the public & new shooters are welcome.
Hammer down is at 9:00am & sign up begins at 8:30am. Matches are usually over between 1 – 3 pm.
Please show up an hour early to help set up & stay to help tear down.Minimum Ammunition to bring:

Rifle: 100 rounds
Pistol: 50 rounds
Shotgun: Bird Shot (no larger than #4), 25 rounds
Shotgun: Slugs, 5 rounds

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