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An excellent replaced for a regular fire place that burns wood and takes a lot of time to maintain while you are trying to rest is a ventless fireplace design. This type of fireplace is great for people who simply want to enjoy the comfort of a fireplace without doing much work to always keep it running, but have it automatically do everything for you.

The way ventless fire place designs work is very simple, instead of the regular wood burning process these design use propane or natural gases to upkeep the fire. All of this is controlled by an inside censor that monitors the amount of oxygen that is going through, so it is absolutely safe.

Ventless fireplaces don’t have to cost a lot if you are going for a simple design, in fact some can go for as low as 200 dollars if you look for good discount deals. The more creatively designed ones go for a lot more and the way the fire is used through the gases looks more realistic.

This is one of the downsides with ventless fire places, the fact that the flame does not look real unless wind is blowing into it. If there is wind the fire will go in natural directions making it look like its natural fire. Another thing is that you cannot actually access the fireplace because it is sealed so no harmful gases can get out so you cannot really feel the source of the flame. But that doesn’t mean it does not heat the entire room. In fact it is really great for that, it uses a low amount of energy which will save you a lot of money on your energy bill, while keeping your room heated.

This is another great thing, ventless fire place designs allow you to save money in the long run since to upkeep it costs very little. For some this is a perfect replacement for other heating systems that are used to keep a room warm.

The designs that these come in range anywhere from one sided, two sided, three sided and four sided, and some designs are specifically made to fit in corners. The way the vents are placed can also range in a lot of ways such as having one in the back of the fire place or in the front; some even have it on the side. What ever your need is for a ventless fire place there is always the right one for you.

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