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Have you been planning to build a new brick fireplace or possibly improve upon that old one that you have? Many of the brick fireplace designs you will see in our gallery should not only help you to get a better idea of how you want to re-create your own specialized design, but give you the option of showing the builder or contractor what type of brick fireplace design you are wanting.

Since there is so many different types of bricks, you may want to go with a smaller more contemporary or modern look. The larger the bricks in most cases, the older look you will give the room in which you build the fireplace.

The most common style which is prevalent in modern homes today includes the square set brick. This is a rough stone which will give quite a bit of character to the room. With many modern brick fireplace designs, the bricks can be painted or plaster can be added in order to give a rustic look or to allow for colorful designs to be added after the construction of the fireplace.

While many people will think of the traditional brick hearth when preparing for their fireplace, an art deco A-frame brick fireplace design may be more of what you’re looking for in a home with lighter colors. Just make sure that in the end you’re satisfied with what you are paying for because ultimately you will be the one living with.

brick fireplace

If you have not already checked out the brick fireplace design photos, we suggest that you take a look through the gallery in order to pick out the exact type, style and color of brick that you may be looking for in your next fireplace design.

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