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Marble Fireplace Designs

For many years the Romans have used marble for many of their fine creations. Today it has become increasingly common to use marble in fireplace mantels and surrounds as well as incorporating marble directly into fireplace designs. The cost for marble however has caused some to turn their heads the other way since it doesn’t come cheap. The price to get a marble fireplace mantel can go up into the 4 figure range if it is complex. Some people will purchase marble statues or other decorative pieces as well to match the fireplace to increase the value and feel of a home. Sometimes remodeling a fireplace is going to just be the best option even though the cost might be a bit high.

If you have been thinking of building a marble fireplace, then you have much in the way of preparation. Some people have stumbled upon beautiful antique marble fireplaces when moving into older homes. Cleaning and restoration however is one of the tougher things required, and can also be very time consuming.

Back to the cost which is probably why you are considering marble in the first place can be purchased at a few inexpensive locations. First off if you will be looking to complete an existing fireplace mantel then you may want to look into fireplace surround facing kits. However if you are going the whole 10 yards with it then you may look at getting an importer from China to save you some serious cash. Locally you might pay up to 3 times as much as it might cost you to ship it overseas direct. These are the types of savings that allow you to focus on other aspects of your home.

If you are ordering online, you also might want to look at savings and coupon code sites which will give you discounts for home depot and Lowes which will be essential when purchasing the adhesive, or other products needed to complete the job. Remember to get multiple quotes from builders and if you plan on doing the job yourself, look at several places to compare pricing on materials. Also be sure to check and make sure your home is in compliance with any local laws or regulations governing the construction of fireplaces.


We are sure that you will enjoy your new fireplace once it is completed just as much as anyone else, but safety and quality should be your top priorities overall so you have a thing of beauty in the end.

Tile Fireplace Designs

When the thought of a fireplace design arises in a buyers mind, they quickly resort to thinking of only the designs made of either brick or stone because they are the usual standards that people buy. What most of these potential buyers don’t know is that there are many ways to design your fire place by using fireplace tile designs; in fact this way of designing has been on the rise in the past few years.

If you are really looking to purchase something that will stand out from the crowd and add elegance to your living areas whether indoor or outdoor, tiles are definitely the way to go. Using fireplace tile designs is also great for matching the environment of the floor and how well it merges with your living areas. The floor is usually constructed of tile or something that will not burn if a piece of wood is sparked on it, so tiles in this case is really the way to go if you want to go for looks and safety in one package. If you plan on having a wood hanging shelf, be sure it is elevated enough over the mantel to not cause a fire.

If you are looking to add extreme beauty to your living areas tiles will do just that if you are able to spread the tiles in the surrounding areas around the actual fireplace. Some of the fireplaces that are dated can face this problem, by simply placing creative tiles on the front and sides and the flooring or walls will really bring out the style of the tile fireplace design. Not to mention the fact that there are thousands of different variations you can find for the tiles to match your home.

Tile fireplace designs is definitely one of the best ways to go if you want looks and an easy setup that will cost you very little money and time to setup in total. If you are looking to save money this is also the best option for you since redesigning can have the same impact on the surrounding as completely removing and placing a new fireplace. For inspiration I suggest you look into magazines that talk about home design and look at any place that has tiles, because they definitely can be duplicated and matched for your home by a professional.

Custom Fireplace Designs

Customizing a fireplace design is the best option for anyone who is considering buying a fireplace for their living areas. Custom fireplace designs really add a great deal of quality and beauty to any home or outdoor living space with the amount of options that a person has while creating their own aesthetic design. Even though designing a custom fireplace can be fun, it can also be a challenging task because of the huge amount of options available, everything from color, materials, and designs to choose from. Picking a wrong design is not an option for any buyer, so a lot of planning will be needed so that the choice will perfectly fit into the living space you want the custom fireplace design to be in.

The custom fireplace designs come in various forms, everything from plain that keeps the room looking very simple, to designs that bulge out from the wall that allow you to place extra accessories to the living area to make it more alive. The next option you are looking for is what the custom fireplace will be designed from, the most common option is of course stone, and these also come in various forms. One being man made which is a popular choice, because it is a lot easier to put together when being installed, or you can go for natural stone which looks more realistic but can be more expensive.

If you do decide to buy the natural stone the benefits of that is it lasts a lot longer then the man made stone and requires very little maintenance to upkeep so you don’t have to worry about keeping it sturdy and safe. There are also lots of great combination’s you can put together with natural stone, such as combining it with wood to go a old classic yet still modern look.

The best deal to go with is to get a professional to help or do the entire project, this way you will be more satisfied with the outcome and final result. The project if soloed can have a lot of complications unless you know what you are doing. The measurements when being placed are very important, so take into consideration the room size and style before designing your own custom fireplace desing.

Outdoor Fireplace Designs

There is no better way to spend the outdoors than sitting around a warm outdoor fireplace with your family and friends. Whether you are outside during the cool nights of the summer or during the cold nights in the winter, the outdoor fireplace designs allow you to do just that with a low cost.

The two aspects you should primarily look for in outdoor fireplace designs is strong ventilation systems and a secure building structure to keep everything under control and safe for your family and everyone around. The outdoor fireplace designs come in a variety of forms everything from stone such as limestone, natural stone, marble and slate. Or you can look to buy it in cast aluminum or cast iron, the great benefit about these two is that they are more durable in high flames and severe weather conditions.

Most of the fireplaces are capable of being portable, which is a great thing if you want to keep it in storage for a certain amount of time. These have to be really lightweight so they can be easily carried. The ones that are portable tend to also cost a lot less because the amount it takes to build it isn’t as costly. On the other hand you have the fixed fireplace designs, these can be more costly but can still in most cases survive any conditions for a long period of time, but may need to be maintained after a while.

The amount of varieties the outdoor fire places and its uses range from what you will use it for. If you are looking to cook something or simply keep warm during cold weather there are always options to look into. There are great deals on different types of course all range in quality and design as well. Make sure you seriously consider the safety precautions and take wind into consideration since this can be the most hazardous aspect that most people over look. Spending a few extra dollars to increase safety will never hurt.

The designs are of course also just as important, there are many unique and quality hand crafted designs you can find online for sale. These forms will fit perfectly for your home and taste in the style you want it to be in. Having just any type of outdoor fireplace won’t do if it doesn’t match your home or outdoor living area, so look at the design before the price and you will be satisfied with the buy.

outdoor fireplace designs

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