The night is predators’ time, but when the man overcomes the fear after dark, using the best night vision devices, he will own the night and he will be able to become the master of darkness.

Hunters are an intelligent species and the years before the releasing night vision equipment to the commercial market; they rely on green lasers and green lights because they know that some predators and varmints are unable to detect certain shades of green that are visible to the human eye.

Today, you can find at least 20-30 companies manufacturing night vision instruments for the civilian applications. What used to be top-classified military technology now can be found at consumers market as pretty common and reasonably priced equipment suitable for any shooter who can afford a conventional riflescope.

Besides military and tactical uses, night visions are mostly used by sportsmen for target shooting and hunters when stalking predators and nocturnal game such as coyotes or wild hogs.


Today you can buy for a couple of hundred dollars an intro-level Generation 1 night vision devices. Still, also there are the highly sophisticated Gen 3 and Gen 4 scopes that can cost several thousand dollars and primarily intended for specialized niches, like the military and security.

Of course, the best decision can be made if you can try and use a specific device, but usually, we are destined to online purchases of night vision devices. Decision made in that way shouldn’t be doomed in advance, because you as a potential buyer should do a lot of research prior to night vision scope purchase.



When you decide to acquire a night vision scope, the first consideration is your budget. Currently, an entry-level night vision riflescope is possible to find for about $500, but high-end products often cost at over $1,000.


The resolution clarity of night vision rifle scope depends on the optic’s generation. While the digital and Generation 1 will be perfectly suitable for hunting hogs and coyotes out to 200 yards, for more extended ranges you should look for the latest night vision generations.


Unlike day optics, magnification at night scopes much more affects field-of-view. That said, most time you’ll see the NV scopes with magnification topped out at around 15x with digital zoom. Hence, you want a night optic with a moderate amount of magnification (3x or 6x), which will provide you with a decent FoV so that you won’t lose your target at as little as 50 yards in the dark.


When we talk about the range, we know that shooting in the dark is hard and maybe dangerous as you can’t see clearly what is beyond the target. At this place, we’ll make a note about ethics that should dictate you don’t use night vision optics for shots over 200 yards or on protected game animals. In fact, on all but the smallest of varmints and at close ranges it is unethical to use night vision scopes.


Generally, the civilian buy the night vision scopes for hunting, and it means your precious night gear should be strong and durable to withstand harsh weather conditions and the recoil of your particular weapon.

Usually, the budget scopes feature plastic bodies perfectly suitable for plinking or casual hunting, but when things get serious, aluminum housing will keep your optoelectronic device better than plastic.


Two years after launching their famous line of digital scopes called the X-Sight II, ATN Corp has released the upgraded series with more innovation known as the ATN X-Sight 4K Pro. The X-Sight 4K Pro comes with a 4K sensor and new Obsidian 4 dual-core processor bringing you’re an image quality about on par with an analog Gen 2 night vision optical products.

The ATN X-Sight 4K Pro lineup is available in models at either a 3-14x or 5-20x magnification.

Since the digital night vision devices are pretty worthless by night without an IR light, the X-Sight 4K Pro package includes a high-powered IR illuminator that allows you for an image detection range to 300 yards.

Along with smooth zoom function between 5x and 20x magnification, the scope offers a 4K LCD monitor for ultra-crisp 600lp/mm resolution to pick out fine details.

The 4K Pro scope features a two-step process rangefinder system and a built-in ballistic calculator usually found on higher-priced thermal scopes. There are many other extras like the ability to record through the scope, WiFi streaming and recoil activated recording system.

Unlike the previous model, the 4K Pro scope is powered with two non-removable CR batteries, which provides continuous run time for over 18 hours.

At just a hair above 2lbs, the ATN S-sight 4k Pro is a lightweight unit that with a typical 3-inch eye relief resembles somewhat classic daytime scopes.  Though it comes without traditional windage and elevation knobs, the ATN 4K PRO offers logically placed and easily accessible commands.

Compared to the previous X-Sight II model, X-Sight 4K Pro Smart is a compact optic that mounts on the standard 30mm rings. However, the scope is shipped with standard ring, L-shape ring and One with a Picatinny rail, allowing it to be a perfect match on both bolt action and the AR-15 style rifles.

ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Rifle Scope

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