Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge is a speed shooting discipline consisting of 8 standardized stages. This means no matter where you decide to shoot Steel Challenge matches, the stages will always be the same wherever you are. This allows for some fun things to take place as you get into the sport of Steel Challenge. Stage and match scores can be tracked to show your progress as well as allowing for state, national and world championship records for each stage.

Each stage has 5 steel targets, one of which is a “Stop Plate”. You will start standing upright within a 3’x3′ box outlined on the ground in front of the steel targets. The premise of the game is very simple. When the timer beeps, engage all of the targets making sure to hit the designated “stop plate” last. You can use as many rounds of ammunition to achieve this goal and the timer stops when you hit the stop plate. This is considered a single “run” on a stage. That’s really all there is to it!Steel rocks! Not only is it fun, it is also a fantastic way to learn about competitive shooting and also will increase your shooting skills. Steel Challenge is great for beginner shooters – the steel is reactive (you can hear it ring when you hit it). There is no reloading on the clock so the only time you reload during a run is when you have run out of ammo. There is little (if any) movement. There is a division for almost any type of gun including .22LR caliber handguns & rifles. For the experienced shooter, the challenge to get lower scores never ends.

Come on out and join in the fun!!!

  • Targets will be between 7 and 35 yards in distance.
  • You will need a minimum of 3 high capacity mags.
  • 5 high capacity mags is preferable.
  • 1 stage is 25 rounds if you don’t miss.
  • We are seeing really good shooters use near 150 rounds for a 100 scored round match.  Bring lots of ammo!
  • Pistol calibers will be .22LR or 9mm/38SPL through 45ACP.
  • Long Guns will be limited to .22LR and Pistol Calibers ONLY.
  • All centerfire categories start from the surrender position with a holstered pistol.
  • No power factor is involved but bullets have to be traveling at least 750 fps.
  • We ask that you please download the magnums and supers to help save the wear and tear on the steel but more importantly to avoid splash back. Only lead & copper or brass jacketed bullets are allowed.
  • Holsters are used for center-fire, however, if you don’t have one, we can place you in a separate category.
  • Holsters are not required for rimfire & drawing from a holster is not allowed.

Author: Thomas Tate

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