Types of Optics for Hunting and Why You Need Them?


Optics have become a crucial part of hunting and are a must-have in every hunting trip. In fact, for a successful hunting trip, you need to have the best optics with you. The fact that most optics are lightweight and portable is an added bonus. You can have them with you on treestands, blinds and virtually anywhere in the wild.

However, choosing the best optics for hunting is not that easy. You need to understand the various types of optics and know what works best for you. In some instances, you might require more than one optic to sight and aim. However, for short-distance shooting a rifle scope can usually get the job done.

In this post, we will discuss the main types of optics and why you need them. Below are the main types of optics for hunting:


A rifle scope is basically an optic that mounts on a rifle as the name suggests. This is by far one of the best and most common hunting optics. A rifle scope lets you see far and shoot precisely. It is one of the best optics to give your rifle maximum potential.

Riflescopes usually vary from fixed to variable scopes. The best thing about the rifle is that they are lightweight and pretty simple to use. There are also special night vision scopes that allow you to see the target at night.

Why you need a rifle scope?

You need a rifle scope to shoot your target accurately even at long distances. While you can use a rifle scope to sight, their main purpose is aiming and shooting accurately. A rifle scope allows hunters to see the animal in the same central plane of the rifle and shoot at the right spot. Remember you can see a deer, let’s say at 50 yards. But, to accurately aim and shoot, you need a rifle scope.

The type and quality of the rifle scope depend on the target and shooting distance. You need a scope with better magnification when hunting animals at long ranges.


A binocular is a pretty versatile optic and one that serves various functions. You’ve probably seen it with tourists when sightseeing. However, binoculars also play a crucial role for hunters helping sight game at long ranges.  These devices are lightweight, portable and pretty easy to carry around. They are also available in different sizes, features, and powers to suit different needs.

Why you need a binocular?

Binoculars for hunting is majorly used for identification of the game. It helps bring the furthest view in the woods close to your eyes. This way, you can clearly see the type of animal, size, breed and any other important details.

What did I just see move into the woods? Well, get your binoculars out and scan the area. You don’t want to make any guesses when hunting. Instead, get binocular and be sure of the animal you’re hunting.


A rangefinder is a small device that helps you measure the distance between you and a target. It is a relatively new device but one that has proved crucial for hunters and golf players. A range finder can accurately measure the distance from your eyes to the target

Why you need a rangefinder for hunting?

 A rangefinder is quite crucial, especially for long-distance shooting. They can help you calculate the projectile drop for a precise shot. Rangefinders take into account slopes and elevations ensuring you hit the target at the right spot.

Trail Camera

A trail camera is another excellent piece of the optic that helps you take shots and videos without following the animals. These cameras usually feature motion detector sensors. They are set up along paths and corners to take pictures and videos when they detect movement. Trail cameras have been used in various other areas apart from hunting. They are used by photographers to get close and clear pictures of wildlife.

Why you need trail cameras for hunting?

Trail cameras for hunting help collect crucial data about a specific animal. Let’s take for example deer hunting. Trail cameras can help monitor and learn the movement and feeding patterns of deer. This way, you get to know the paths they use at specific times of the day. With this knowledge, one is able to set up a blind at the right spot and have a successful hunt.

The best about trail cameras is that they work without pressuring the animals. You only need to set them and let them take pictures of any animals passing close.

Final verdict

In conclusion, these are the main types of optics for hunting and a must-have for a successful hunt. We also have other optics like spotting scopes that work like binoculars but more powerful and expensive. Depending on your hunting location, type of game and conditions, you can choose one or two that best suits your needs. Hunting optics greatly increases your chances of a kill and makes hunting a lot easier and funnier.

Author: Thomas Tate

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